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PCSO Lotto Results: July 14, 2014 Draw

German Flag, Berlin
German Flag, Berlin (Photo credit: Will Palmer)
The 2014 World Cup ended with the Germans grabbing the bragging rights.  Herzlichen Gl√ľckwunsch zum Sieg, Deutschland!

On another note, here are the PCSO Lotto Results as drawn July 14, 2014.
Lotto GameCombinationsDraw DateJackpotWinners
Mega Lotto 6/45 24-19-09-35-07-43 2014-07-14 14,634,376.00 1
EZ2 Lotto 11AM 27-12 2014-07-14 4,000.00 54
EZ2 Lotto 4PM 31-22 2014-07-14 4,000.00 40
EZ2 Lotto 9PM 23-14 2014-07-14 4,000.00 304
Swertres Lotto 9PM 1-3-3 2014-07-14 4,500.00 798
Swertres Lotto 4PM 6-9-0 2014-07-14 4,500.00 607
Swertres Lotto 11AM 9-9-8 2014-07-14 4,500.00 620
4Digit 3-3-1-4 2014-07-14 10,000.00 39
Grand Lotto 22-10-16-20-23-08 2014-07-14 30,000,000.00

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